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Small plants to grow on to enhance your hobby and complement your phaleonopsis

5X Seedling  orchid collections in 2” / 2.5” pots, postage

included                                                                                                                 £40.00

Beginners Orchid Collections

The collections represent a savings of at least £20 so are a good value way of adding to your own display and variety. All plants are my choice and I will endeavour to choose one or two with flower spikes if possible. All prices include postage and packing.

5 x Flowering Size plants suitable for beginners           £70.00

5 x flowering size Phalaenopsis mixed colours       £70.00

5 x flowering size Odontoglossum types mixed colours    £70.00 5 x flowering size Nobile Dendrobius mixed colours    £70.00


Cool growing beginners orchid from Australia. Can be grown as a windowsill orchid. It needs cool nights and bright light to initiate flowering. Now and again aerial growths are produced when the roots are about 2cm long these can be potted up in individual pots or they can be potted with the main plant. Flowers are small pink or white highly fragrant. Brightening up late winter/early spring days. They can flower on small plants.

Pink 2″ pots £4.00 each; 2.5″ pots £5.00 each; 3″ pots £7.50 each; 3.5″ pots £9.50 each
Flowering size 4.5″ pots £12.00. Large flowering size plants from £25.00 each

White 2.5″ pots £6.00 each; 3″ pots £8.00 each; Large plants from £25.00 each

PHALAENOPSIS (The moth orchid) Minimum 60F

Ideal beginners house plant, during spring and summer it needs diffuse light, but during winter give it as much light as possible. Can flower for many months I have a number of customers who have had phalaenopsis in flower for over one year. The key is not to cut the flower spike off too low when the first flush of flowers is finished. The flower spike can branch out so cut it below the scar where the first flower opened, or if you prefer cut it between the third and fourth node on the spike (you will see these unflowered nodes on the stem of the flower spike, they have the potential to produce flower spikes or a new aerial growth). It is usual to water once every 7-10 days with ½ to 1 pint of tepid rainwater if available. Feed once a month with ½ strength plant feed (more details in cultural instructions).

Orchid Focus Grow for Spring and Summer. Orchid Focus Bloom for Autumn to initiate flowering. If your plant has not flowered for some time, find a cooler spot (not cold) this will help initiate new flower spikes.

Phalaenopsis can be very rewarding but they will not tolerate cold or very hot temperatures, do not stand them in water or on damp gravel. They are epiphytes (grow on trees) and like a certain amount of air around their roots therefore allow free drainage and repot every 2 years using fresh orchid mix. Available from Laurence Hobbs Orchids :- ORCHID MIX 4L £4.00 FINE MIX 4L £4.00 (be careful because some orchid composts are not mixed by orchid growers and can damage your plants, please phone me if you need help or advice).

Flowering plants available (white, white/ red lip, pink, stripes and yellow) Starting from £15.00 each


eg. BEALLARA EUROSTAR Star shaped blooms , fragrant starting from £15.00 each

Cool/Warm 10C-15C; Easy to grow and flower; varied flowering season. Repotting should be carried out when new growth is 2-3″ high. A good rule to avoid overpotting is to pot the plant so the growth is not more than a thumbs width from the edge of the pot.


These orchids are relatively easy to grow. They require good light throughout the year (not direct light in summer) and intermediate temperatures minimum 55-60F. Some can grow quite large but many make good windowsill orchids. Spectacular flowers often fragrant. Lavender, red, yellow, orange and white.

Please enquire for availability – they run out fast!

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