We will next be at the

RHS Tatton Park Flower Show

Weds 17 – Fri 21 July

Location – Knutsford WA16 6SG

Our next Open Weekend will be on:

Sat 27 & Sun 28 July

Come and visit us open 10.00 – 4.00

Hophurst Lane, Crawley Down, RH10 4LN

All visitors welcome !

For all enquiries on current plants available and for tips and advice please also call 07961 350053 or send an email. Please be sure to include a tel/mobile number so we can get back in touch directly. [email protected]


Or come and see us at the following shows;

RHS Tatton Park Flower Show, Knutsford July 17 – 21

Southport Flower Show Victoria Park Southport PR8 1RX


Why not visit our nursery in West Sussex, either at one of our Open Weekends, or at a pre-arranged time? call Laurence on 07961 350053

Please ring ahead if there might be specific plants of interest that we can reserve for our open weekends, or to bring along to any of the shows we are attending (call: 07961 350053 email: [email protected])

We have lots of colourful flowering plants and interesting seedlings for sale including Phalaenopsis, Paphs/Phrags, Cattleyas, Debdrobiums, Masdevallias (orange) African species & more. Scroll down for our latest plant list.

Postal orders also taken over the phone and we can help with advice and tips.

Please call the mobile number for help 07961 350053

Plenty of choices of plants for both beginners and experienced growers. For more on plant availability, lists, advice, visiting and ordering by mail, call 07961 350053. email: [email protected] Please be sure to include a contact tel no. in messages.

Scroll down for plant lists TBA shortly

Looking forward to welcoming you all, regards Laurence

Dendrobium stardust ‘Firebird’

Paph iopedilum’Black Jack’
Oncidium Sharry Baby


Current list

Jan 24

NFS =Near flowering size ; FS = Flowering size Pot size/Price (£)
Aerangis Pionier (kotschyana x mystacidii) NFS 3.5” 25.00
Aerangis kotschyana on cork 25.00
Ansellia africana FS 4.5” 30.00
Brassidium Salima Tejani (brassia type) FS 4.5” 25.00
Banfieldara Gilded Tower ‘Mystic Maze’ FS 4.5” 20.00
Broughtonia sanguinea var.alba FS 2.5” 30.00
Cirrhopetalum Elizabeth Ann Bucklebury Large plant; 95.00
Division 20.00

CATTLEYAS (Flowering Size) Many are quality Sunset Valley Cattleyas
Cattleya walkeriana species, on cork FS on cork 30.00
Lc.(Hsinying Excell x L.anceps) x Melana’s Song FS 4.5” 35.00
Rlc. Chomthong Delight FS 4.5” 45.00
Potinara Toshie’s Charm FS 4.5” 35.00
Pot. Star Fire ‘Xmas Red’ x Pot. Rubescent Magic FS 4.5” 30.00
Slc. Purple Doll ‘Midnight Velvet x Laelia rupestris FS 4.5” 35.00
Lc. Little Dipper x Lc. Tropical Aurea FS 4.5” 35.00
Rct. Shinfong Orange ‘Exotic Sun’ FS 3.5” 25.00
Cattleya Nell Hammer ‘Gold Strike’ beautiful yellow with yellow flares,
scented FS 3.5” 30.00
Slc. Virginea Dickey x Laelia rupestris ‘Orchid Eros’ FS 3.5” 35.00
Potinara George Peach x Pot. Showcase FS 3.5” 35.00
Rlc. Chief Jewel ‘Exotic Orange’ FS 3.5” 30.00
Cattleya Exotic Cherry Ripple FS 3.5” 25.00
Cattleya Chien Ya Champion ‘Exotic Ruby’ FS 3.5” 25.00
Cattleya Taiwan Morning Call ‘Morning Sun’ FS 4.5” 35.00
Rct. Young Min-Gold ‘Exotic Orange’ FS 3.5” 30.00
Cattleya Orange Stardust ‘Exotic Orange’ FS 3.5” 25.00
Rlc. Hey Song ‘Flash Dance’ FS 4.5” 45.00
Rlc. Shinfong Little Sun ‘Golden Boy’ FS 4.5” 30.00
Cattleya Taiwan Morning Call FS 4.5” 35.00
Cattleya Chief Glory nice compact red FS 3.5” 30.00

Cochleanthes amazonica large flowered species FS 4.5” 30.00
Cochleanthes FS 4.5” 25.00
Coelogyne cristata classic cool white species ; Large plant 95.00
Division 20.00
Coelogyne massangeana cascading yellow ochre species FS 6”
Coelogyne mooreana Division 25.00
Coelogyne ovalis species Division 20.00
Coelogyne speciosa species FS 4” 20.00
Coelogyne Unchained Melody NFS 3.5” 12.00

Dendrobium Berry Oda cool growing,small pink scented species FS 4.5” 20.00
Dendrobium Casiope white with dark centre to lip 3” 7.50 FS 5.5” 30.00
Dendrobium nobile beautiful white/pink species with dark disc on lip FS 6”Basket 40.00
Dendrobium Spring Dream white scented nobile hybrid FS 4.5” 20.00
Dendrobium Stardust ‘Chyomi’ yellow nobile type FS 4.5” 20.00
Dendrobium Stardust ‘Firebird’ orange nobile type FS 4.5” 20.00
Dendrobium kingianum easy to grow pink scented cool growing species 2″ 7.50 4” 25.00
Dendrobium kingianum ‘Heather’s’ pale pink/white scented species 2.5” 9.50 3.5” 15.00
Dendrobium kingianum var. alba white scented Australian species 2.5” 9.50 4.5” 20.00
Dendrobium grifithianum yellow species 3.5” 15.00
Dendrobium Mountain Butterfly Kisses FS 3.5” 35.00
Dendrochilum abbreviatum ‘chain orchid’ species FS 4” 28.00
Dendrochilum javieri ‘chain orchid’ species 3” 15.00
Dendrochilum magnum ‘chain orchid’ species Division FS 25.00
Diomorphis lowii unusual species 3.5” 30.00
Doritis pulcherrima var. alba species, small white flowers
related to phalaenopsis FS 5.5” 35.00

Encyclia Black Comet very dark cochleata hybrid, scented FS 4.5” 25.00
Encyclia Octopussy ‘cockleshell orchid’/’octopus orchid’ FS 3.5” 20.00
Encyclia vitellina lovely orange species 2.5” 20.00
Epidendrum capricornu pink species FS 3.5” 35.00
Epidendrum hugomediae sweetly scented white species FS 3.5” 35.00
Epidendrum radicans classic red species 4.5” 12.00
Epidendrum xanthina yellow species FS 4” 30.00
Epidendrum Pink FS 4.5” 20.00
Fredclarkara After Dark almost black orchid! FS 4.5” 60.00
Lycaste gigantea species NFS 4.5” 30.00

Masdevallia theleura species FS 4” 25.00
Masdevallia picea species FS 5.5” 35.00
Masdevallia tovarensis white species FS 2.5”/3” 20.00

Malaxis porphyrea deciduous species FS 3” 12.00
Maxillaria chrysantha scented yellow species FS 4.5” 20.00
Maxillaria coccinea species FS 3” 15.00
Maxillaria picta scented species FS 4.5” 20.00
Maxillaria praestans species NFS 3.5” 15.00
Maxillaria schunkeana species FS 2.5” 15.00
Maxillaria sophronits small red/orange flowers, species 3” 15.00
Maxillaria tenuifolia ‘Red’ coconut scented species NFS 3.5” 15.00
Maxillaria variabilis ‘Red’ species NFS 3.5 25.00
Maxillaria variabilis ‘Yellow’ species NFS 3” 15.00
Mexipedium xerophyticum species 3.5” 40.00

Miltonia spectabilis pink species NFS 2.5” 15.00
Miltonia spectabilis var. moreliana dark purple scented species FS 4.5” 20.00
Miltonia Sunset yellow with deep pink lip NFS 3.5” 20.00
Miltassia Shelob Tolkien spider orchid FS 4.5” 20.00
Miltassia Peggy Ruth Carpenter FS 4.5” 20.00

Neofinetia falcata scented Japanese species on cork 40.00
Neolauchea pulchella species FS on cork 20.00
Odontoglossum Cheyenne red odont FS 4.5” 20.00
Onjcidium ornithorhynchum very scented sprays of pink flowers. Species FS 4.5” 25.00
Oncidium Tarantula spider type flowers NFS 3.5” 20.00


Paphiopedilum bellatulum species FS 4” 40.00
Paphiopedilum Black Jack vinicolor hybrid very dark purple flowers FS 3.5” 40.00
Paphiopedilum charlesworthii species FS 3.5” 35.00
Paphiopedilum concolor species, yellow with fine spotting FS 3.5” 40.00
Paphiopedilum curtisii species FS 3.5” 35.00
Paphiopedilum Deperle lovely white hybrid FS 3.5” 35.00
Paphiopedilum delenatii white pale pink species NFS 3” 35.00
Paphiopedilum Doya Red Rose very large flowering vinicolor, spectacular FS 4.5” 60.00
Paphiopedilum Envy Green (malipoense x primulinum) FS 4.5” 45.00
Paphiopedilum esquirolei species NFS 3” 35.00
Paphiopedilum esquirolei var album beautiful green and white species 3.5” 40.00
Paphiopedilum fairieanum cool growing species FS 2.5” 35.00
Paphiopedilum hainanense pretty species 3.5” 35.00
Paphiopedilum Hawaiian Volcano (Dulcetto x venustum) 4.5” 45.00
Paphiopedilum henryanum cool species, green with maroon spotted dorsal in bud 3.5” 35.00
Paphiopedilum Hung Sheng ‘Bay’ x Hung Sheng ‘Michael’ FS 3”/3.5” 35.00
Paphiopedilum Ice Age fantastic large white hybrid, nice plants FS 4.5” 45.00
Paphiopedilum Laos Lady Clare FS 3” 45.00
Paphiopedilum Leeanum (insigne x spicerianum) cool growing hybrid FS 4.5” 25.00
Paphiopedilum Liemianum species, flowering in succession NFS 4.5” 35.00
Paphiopedilum lowii multifloral species 3.5” 50.00
Paphiopedilum Makuli 3.5” 25.00
Paphiopedilum Maudiae the classic green and white hybrid 3” 18.00
Paphiopedilum niveum lovely white species 3.5” 40.00
Paphiopedilum Pinocchio classic hybrid which flowers in succession, in bud 4.5” 30.00
Paphiopedilum Pinocchio ‘Yellow” beautiful pure yellow variety in bud 4.5” 30.00
Paphiopedilum purpuratum species FS 3.5” 35.00
Paphiopedilum spicerianum species FS 3.5” 35.00
Paphiopedilum sukhakulii species NFS 3.5” 35.00
Paphiopedilum tonsum species NFS 3” 30.00
Paphiopedilum tranlieanum species FS 3.5” 35.00
Paphiopedilum urbanianum species NFS 3.5” 35.00
Paphiopedilum Varuna (venustum x wardii) excellent mottled leaved hybrid FS 3.5” 35.00
Paphiopedilum venustum species FS 3.5″ 35.00
Paphiopedilum venustum var. album lovely green and white variety of this species 3.5” 45.00
Paphiopedilum victoria-mariae species FS 3.5” 35.00
Paphiopedilum villosum species FS 3.5″ 35.00
Paphiopedlum villosum var. annamense lovely variety of this cool growing species 3.5” 35.00
Paphiopedilum wardii species FS 3.5” 35.00
Paphiopedilum wardii var. album green and white variety of this species FS 3.5” 45.00
Paphiopedilum Wellesleyanum (concolor x leucochilum) 3.5” 40.00
Paphiopedilum Yili Preel (Lady Rothschild x lowii ) multifloral hybrid 4.5” 150.00
Phalaenopsis bellina var; supreme large plants of this scented species FS 4.5” 40.00
Phalaenopsis Love Potion very scented deep pink hybrid FS 4.5” 25.00
Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana scented species 2.5” 12.00
Phalaenopsis pulchra species 2.5” 12.00
Phalaenopsis tetraspis ‘Purple’ beautiful small growing species FS 3.5” 30.00

Phragmipedium humboldtii var popowii species 3.5”/4” 45.00
Phragmipedium longifolium var. Compact species 5″ 55.00
Phragmipedium Sedenii 4.5” 30.00

Pleurothallis lindenii species division 25.00
Pleurothallis linearifolia species NFS on cork 20.00
Pleurothallis loranthophylla species FS 3.5” 25.00
Pleurothallis obovata species FS in basket 40.00
Pleurothallis pseudopellucida species FS division 25.00
Pleurothallis platystylis species NFS 3.5” 25.00
Pleurothallis restrepioides species 4″ 15.00
Pleurothallis rowleei species 2” 25.00
Pleurothallis secunda species FS 3.5” 25.00
Pleurothallis stricta species 2” 20.00
Pleurothallis tuerckheimii species FS 2” 25.00
Pleurothallis violacea species .FS 4.5” 20.00
Pleurothallis volcanica species 2” 20.00
Restrepia antennifera ‘hemsleyana’ species 2” 8.00
Restrepia brachypus 2″ 8.00
Restrepia elegans species 2” 15.00
Restrepia species clay pot 4” 20.00
Restrepiella ophocephalia species 3.5” 25.00
Rhynchostylis gigantea species 6” 60.00
Rhyncholaelia digbyana scented species 4” 40.00

SARCOCHILUS (Flowering size, quality hybrids) 3.5” POTS £40.00
Kulnura Carnival (F181)
Kulnura Treasure (D126)
Kulnura Tictac ‘Spider’ x Bunny Yip ‘Barita’ (F224)
Kulnura Roundup Multi Spot’ x Kulnura Secure Shapely (F226)
Kulnura Musk ‘Dark Mottled’ x Fizzy Dove ‘Peachy’ (E1210
Kulnura Taser (F196)
Kulnura Roundup ‘Multi Spot’ x Kulnura Gizmo ‘Big’ (E206)
Rosella ‘Spotty’ x Kulnura Smoothie ‘Tip’ (E098)

Stanhopea nigripes in basket 20.00
Stanhopea wardii in basket 20.00
Stelis itatiayae 2” 25.00
Stenoglottis longifolia 3.5” 20.00

Why not start growing orchids with us?

Great advice, customer service and with over 40 years of experience of orchids, Laurence is always willing to offer help with cultural questions and problems. Pick up the phone for a chat contact us through our website page, or email with a telephone contact number and he will get back to you. We have starter collections of flowering size or younger plants or various mixtures of both . Photos of plants we have in stock can be sent via WhatsApp and all plants sent by post are expertly wrapped.

Happy growing!

Starter Packs

Small plants to grow on to enhance your hobby and complement your phaleonopsis collection

5X Seedling orchid collections in 2” / 2.5” pots, postage included £40.00                                    

Beginners Orchid Collections

The collections represent a savings of at least £20 so are a good value way of adding to your own display and variety. All plants are my choice and I will endeavour to choose one or two with flower spikes if possible. All prices include postage and packing.

5 x Flowering Size plants suitable for beginners £70.00

5 x flowering size Phalaenopsis mixed colours £70.00

5 x flowering size Odontoglossum types mixed colours £70.00

5 x flowering size Nobile Dendrobius mixed colours £70.00

Orchid Sundries

Clear pots

6cm 30p each

9cm 50p each

12cm £1.00 each

15cm £1.50 each

18cm £2.50 each

Orchid Compost

2 litres £3.50

4 litres £7.00

Please enquire for bulk amounts

Orchid Feed

100ml grow £3.00

100ml bloom £3.00

300 ml grow £6.00

300ml bloom £6.00  currently out of stock

1 litre grow £12.00

1 litre bloom £12.00

Orchid clips

10 x plain clips @ £1.50 per pack

4 x dragon fly clips @ £1.50 per pack


Looking for other plants? Nurseries we recommend : for carnivorous plants Pete & Helleentje. 07530 176624 [email protected] for garden plants tools and accessories- 01903 242003 [email protected] for cacti & succulants – Stan & Vicki 07788 753215



Orchids  – make the perfect gifts !

Lots of colourful flowering plants available for sale both directly and via postal services. We also attend various shows and hold our own open days.

Now celebrating over 30 years as a nursery, Laurence Hobbs Orchids Ltd has been established in Sussex since 1987.

We are near to Junction 10 (next turnoff past Gatwick) on M23 and head towards East Grinstead,  then Crawley Down – postcode RH10 4LN, Bailiffs Cottage Nursery.  Or call us for directions; 07961 350053

Please call/email direct for purchases and delivery arrangements. We accept most cards or cheques with payment by phone or post. Delivery arranged to suit you..

For further details on where we may be seen at various events in the UK see Shows page; For contact information on Orchid Society Groups in your area see Societies page