New in! Miniature orchids incl Dend Cuthbertsonii, neofinetia falcata, Aerangis kotchyana; species Paphs inc rothschildianum and hybrids; pleurothallids; assorted cattleyas. Details now on 07961 350053 list available shortly

We are now open to visitors on most days as well as on our Open Weekends (see below) and would be delighted to help with advice and other requirements. With no shows at the present we have lots of plants (Check our ‘New in’ list below and on the plant list page for all stock) which are directly available from the nursery or through the post; we have additions on a regular basis – please keep checking our plant list updates on this page, or contact us direct. We are also re-introducing regular weekend openings following social distancing guidelines to protect our visitors as much as possible. Visits are best arranged in advance by calling Laurence on 07961 350053, email, or use our website contact page to arrange a convenient day/time for either individual or family group visits. Passing visitors are welcome although access into the nursery will be limited in number and we may have to ask you to wait if we already have a maximum number of people in the greenhouses – we do have car parking space to operate a vehicle waiting system should this be required. We will be asking for your contact details when visiting should we need to get in touch for track & trace purposes. Please call for any further details or additional help.

Looking forward to welcoming you all, regards Laurence

Some of our colourful orchids available seasonally

Upcoming Open Weekends : social distancing guidance applies. Please ring ahead for visit times.

September Fri 18 – Sun 20 Open 10.00 –

September Fri 25th -Sat 26th: Open 10.00am -5.00pm; *Sun 27th Open 10.00am – *1.00pm

It was fantastic to welcome our friends & visitors back to the greenhouse during our extended open weekends in August and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in the coming months. We have lots of new plants to see and are hoping to have new additions on a regular basis; if you cant see what you want , please ask. Let us know if you wish to receive list updates.

As before we are happy to help with any advice, cultural tips or questions – Please feel free to bring along your own plants for any advice.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer light refreshments at this time but please feel free to bring along your own.

We look forward to seeing you all again and welcoming any new visitors.

Can’t make the weekend open days? Give Laurence a call to book another time to suit. Available on most days currently

Paph Vinicolour
Paph Deperle

*NEW IN – Orders by post or collection*

**Latest additions to our stock include – Pleurothallis Species, Dendrobiums and Masdevallias** along with Paphs, Phrags, Minicatts, Dendrobiums, Lycastes and more  – Call Laurence on 07961 350053 for colours/photos; or send email to – Please include a contact number.

Aerangis kirkii African species 2.5″ pot ” £20.00

Aerangis somalensis African species on cork £20.00

Aerangis mystacidii African species on cork £20.00

Angraecum distichum African species on cork £20.00

Bulbophylum Medusae incredibly rare species 4″ pot £30.00

Dendrobium chrysotoxum lovely deep yellow species 3.5” pot £30.00

Dend. capituflorum species 3.5” pot £30.00

Dend. farmeri species 3.5” pot  £25.00

Dend farmeri pink species 3.5” pot£25.00

Dend.oligophylum pretty white scented species 3” pot £25.00

Dend. griffithianum species 3.5” pot £25.00

Dend. polysema species 3.5” £25.00

Dend. Smilliae var. alba species 3.5” £25.00

Laelia rubescens x Broughtonia negrilensis 4.5” pot £30.00

Phrag humbodtii syn popowii £40.00

Phrag humbodtii species 4.5” £45.00

Paph St Swithin lovely, multifloral rothschildianum hybrid 4.5” pot £50.00

Paph. Sukhakulii forma album 3.5” £30.00

Paph.fairrieanum forma album 3.5” £30.00

Paph hookerae species £30.00

Paph venustumm very nice species £25.00

Paph venustum forma album 3.5” pot £30.00

Paph bellatulum species 4.5” pot £40.00

Paph concolor yellow species 4.5” pot £40

Paph urbanianum  species 4.5”pot £25.00

Paph Hybrids – please ask

Gongora aromatic (hanging pot) £30.00

Cattleya amethystoglossa bifoliate cattleya species 3.5″ pot £30.00

Catt Young Min Gold  orange 4.5”pot £25.00

Catt Shinfong Pink 4.5” pot £25.00

Catt. Barefoot Mailman red/yellow kaleidoscopic hybrid 4.5”pot £25.00

Catt. Shion Free yellow with deep pink lip 4.5”pot £25.00

Catt. Chailin Redcat £25.00

Catt. Chantilly Lace £25.00

Lycaste hybrids, white and pink, 4.5” pot £30.00

Pleurothallis species – on cork

sertularioides £20.00

depanperata £15.00

scurrula £10.00

stricta £18.00

others on cork

Physosyphon species white £12.00

Specklinia grobyi £12.00

Physosyphon tubatus £20.00

Specklinia gracillima £15.00

In pots

Pleurothallis lindenii 8” £15.00

Pleurothallis picta orange 2.5” £12.00

Pleurothallis hitchcockii 2.5” 15.00

Pleurothallis sancho gelb 2.5” £15.00

Pleurothallis nuda 3.5” £18.00

Pleurothallis stricta 4” £18.00

Pleurothallis glandulosa 2” £9.50

Pleurothallis grandiflora 3.5” £12.00

Acianthera/pleurothallis platystachya 4” £18.00

Acianthera pacayana 3”pot £12.00; 3.5” pot £18.00

Stelis maxima 4” £15.00

Scaphosepalum breve 3” £15.00

Scaphosepalum gibberosum 3” £15.00

Masdevallia herradurae 2” £7.50

Masdevallia bennettii 2.5” £10.00

Masdevallia melanglossa 3” £18.00

Masdevallia macho pichu 3.5” £20.00

Masdevallia (decumana x venustum) 2.5” £6.00

Masdevallia x mystica 2.5” £10.00

Masdevallia acrochordonia 2.5” £8.00

Masdevallia calura x amplexa 3” £12.00

Masdevallia virgo-cuencae 3” £15.00

Masdevallia  murex 3” £12.00

Masdevallia bennettii 3.5” £18.00

Other recent additions

Paph. St Swithin – in bud incl spectacular form and colour 4.5” pot £60.00

Paph. Pinocchio ‘Aureum’-   FS beautiful, yellow, 4.5” pot £25.00

Paph. esquirolei – 4.5”  FS pot £35.00

Paph. St Swithin x gardneri – 4.5” pot £50.00

Paph. Venustum – in bud 4.5” pot £25.00

Paph. Charles Sladden – in bud 4.5” pot £35.00

Paph. Double Super (supersuk x superbiens) 3.5″ pot £30.00**

Paph De Perle 3.5″ pot £25.00**

Paph purpuratum 3.5″ pot £25.00 **

Paph concolour 3.5″ pot £30**

Paph. henryanum 3.5″ pot 30**

Paph Barbatum  var nigritum 3.5″ pot £25**

Paph. delenatii 3.5″ pot £25**

Paph. Philippinense 3.5″ pot £35**

Paph callosum £25.00**

Paph. gigantifolium x anitum 3.5″ pot £75**

Paph vinicolours – in bud/flower including:  

Gloriosum x Pulsar – FS Fantastic dark variety 4.5” £35.00

Classic Pinot – FS 4.5” pot £25.00

Grand Sangiovese – FS 4.5” pot £25.00

Perfect Pinotage – FS 4.5” pot £25.00

Dolcetto Ruby – FS 4.5” pot £25.00

Raging Ruby – 4.5″ pot £35**


Phrag. Eric Young 4.5″-5″ pot £45**

Phrag. Longifolium 4.5″-5″ pot £45**

Phrag Lovely Lynne (Fritz Schomburg x Peruflora’s Cirila Alca) striking light red/pink, 4.5 -5″ pot £45.00

Phrag. FritzSchomburg (Kovachii x besseae)– 4.5” pot £35.00

Phal.Exotic Eagle £30**

Phal violacea indigo x bellina £30**

Lycaste skinneri var alba £28**

Trichopilia suavis £25**

Trichopilia coccinea £25**

Blc Melody Fair 4.5″ pot £35**

Doritis pulcherirama alba £25*

Oncidium Twinkle £20**

Dendrochilum abbreviatum £28**

Zygopetalums £20**

Stanhopea waedii £35**

Compact Cattleyas (good varieties)- Nice Flowering size plants

C. Chailin Red cat ‘Magenta Doll’ – £25.00

C. Chailin Red Cat ‘Exotic Red’ – £25.00

C. Young-Mini Gold ‘Orange Boy’ – £25.00

C .Village Chief North ‘Green Genius’ – £25.00

C. Barefoot Mailman ‘Exotic Sunset’ – £25.00

C. Love Castle ‘Kurenai’ – £25.00

C. White Bridal ‘Snow White’ – £25.00

C. Shinfong Pink ‘Pink Lady’- £25.00

C. Tzeng-Wen Free – £25.00

Potinara Hsinying Dream ‘Violet Queen’ – £25.00

C. Shinfong White Charm ‘White Rose’ – £25.00

C.Chantilly Lace- 3.5″ £25.00


Pescatoria dayana £30.00**

Cycnodes Jumbo Puff £30.00**

Bulbophyllum lobii -3.5” pot £20.00

Bulbophyllum pulchellum £20.00**

Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Ann ‘Bucklebury’ £20.00**

Aerangis mystacidii –on cork £20.00

Aerangis fastuosa- on cork £20.00

Aerangis somalensis – on cork £20.00

Aerangis kirkii – 2.5” pot £20.00

Angraecum  germinianum – 3.5” pot £20.00

Angraecum distichum-on cork £20.00

Angraecum didieri – on cork £20.00

Angraecum Lady Lisa – 3.5”pot £20.00

Angraecum leonis – 3.5” £20.00

Trichopilia suavis – Highly scented 4” pot £25.00

Oncidium Sharry Baby- in flower/bud 4.5” £20.00

Phalaenopsis – Genes Summer Violet (Phal. Samara ‘Blue’ x Phal. violace var.’Indigo Blue’) –3.5” pot £20.00

Maxillaria Goldeburg –  yellow and bronze varieties, scented 4.5” pot £25.00

Maxillaria variabilis £20.00**

Pescatoria dayana £30.00**

Visit our plant list web page for other stock plants, including starter packs and beginners collections, pots, compost & feed

Orders by post available.

Tel Contact Details for all enquiries – please call 07961 350053


Orchids at home –

Why not start growing orchids with us?

Great advice, customer service and with over 40 years of experience of orchids, Laurence is always willing to offer help with cultural questions and problems. Pick up the phone for a chat contact us through our website page, or email with a telephone contact number and he will get back to you. We have starter collections of flowering size or younger plants or various mixtures of both . Photos of plants we have in stock can be sent via WhatsApp and all plants sent by post are expertly wrapped.

Happy growing!


Looking for other plants? Nurseries we recommend : for carnivorous plants Pete & Helleentje. 07530 176624 for garden plants tools and accessories- 01903 242003 for cacti & succulants – Stan & Vicki 07788 753215


Leasingham Show update:

Show Efforts see more than £700 Donated to Local Good Cause

A huge thank you to our enthusiastic friends and colleagues along with the all the show visitors who made our 2nd Lincoln Orchid enthusiasts a fantastic event raising £739.50, for the Lincs/Notts Air Ambulance service.

The 2nd Lincolnshire Orchid Show, held at Leasingham Village Hall on Saturday October 5 attracted 210 visitors who were treated to stunning flower displays, along with a magnificent selection of plants from multiple RHS Gold Medal Winners Craig House Cacti.

Not to forget the delicious homemade cakes, fine food fare and other treats which were also available to keep all the helpers and visitors sustained throughout the day!

East Midlands Orchid Society were awarded the Best Species and Best Hybrid in show with fabulous displays also from the Hinckley & District Orchid Society and the North East Orchid Society. The Lincs/Notts Air Ambulance were also represented.

“We couldn’t have run this show without the wonderful support from our friends and colleagues in the orchid and plant world and from the local community,” said Laurence Hobbs, who along with business partner Sandra Holland co-owns the Sussex-based orchid business.

“With so many to thank for their efforts, from manning the displays, the kitchen and doors, we would like to mention especially, Tony and Liz, Geoff, Margaret, Don and Mary, Keith and Yvonne for mustering all the hard-working volunteers as well as pitching in themselves. Also to Stan and Vicky from Craig House; Stuart and Fiona from the North East Society; and to Paul for his help with the hall and announcements. A wonderful day enjoyed by all.”

The Donation for the Air Ambulance Charity was raised through entrance tickets, tombola and from food and drinks. Along with the £448 raised at the inaugural event last year, donations to the charity so far have exceeded £1180.

The next show is scheduled for Saturday Oct 3rd 2020 at the Leasingham Village Hall, Chapel Lane, NG34  8LB. We will be looking forward to welcoming all this year at hopefully, a virus free time. Please keep checking back on our website in case of changes.

Want to participate? Got inspiring ideas for additional displays, table top-stalls, informative sessions? or for anyone wishing to join in, please contact Laurence direct on 07961 350053

For any further information contact Laurence on 07961 350053


Orchids  – make the perfect gifts !

Lots of colourful flowering plants available for sale both directly and via postal services. We also attend various shows and hold our own open days.

Currently these events are affected by Coronavirus restrictions but we will update this website as the situation changes. We are open to visitors (see restrictions above) and offer orchids by post.

Now celebrating over 30 years as a nursery, Laurence Hobbs Orchids Ltd has been established in Sussex since 1987.

We are near to Junction 10 (next turnoff past Gatwick) on M23 and head towards East Grinstead,  then Crawley Down – postcode RH10 4LN, Bailiffs Cottage Nursery.  Or call us for directions; 07961 350053

Please call/email direct for purchases and delivery arrangements. We accept most cards or cheques with payment by phone or post. Delivery arranged to suit you..

For further details on where we may be seen at various events in the UK see Shows page; For contact information on Orchid Society Groups in your area see Societies page