Orchid Sales Weekend Fri 7th, Sat 8th and Sun 9th May

Come along and see our quality range of orchids, fantastic varieties, with choices for both beginners and experienced growers. Plenty of colourful flowering plants will be available.

Orchid sales will currently be held on every upcoming weekend until plant shows become established when they will also take place between events. Please call ahead to select a visiting time to suit you and to let us maintain safe social distancing measures for all.

Our orchids can also be sent by post throughout the UK. Call 07961 350053.

Plants include: Scented Phals: Paphs including Ice Age, philippinense album, wardii, esquirolei: Variety of Cattleyas, Coelygyne Cristata, Aerangis species, Oncidium Sharry Baby, and more. New shipment due of species paphs – (subject to CITES permits availability),vandas and more. Scroll down for our current list.

For more details on plant availability, lists, visiting and ordering, call Laurence on 07961 350053. We are open on most days and adhere to COVID-19 regulations and guidelines on social distancing.

Looking forward to welcoming you all, regards Laurence

Paph Ice Age

Cattleya Wufong Rose ‘Pinkie’

Below is an updated list which includes plants from a quality collection* obtained before Christmas. I hope you like it; please bear in mind the plants are almost certainly available as one-offs or possibly with a second available. So please contact me asap if you would like to order.

Please also scroll down for our full 2021 list and sundries Contact us for an email or postal copy.

Our best wishes and brighter hopes for this year – Laurence

Plant Collection List

*Please Note – these plants are in no way perfect and in some ways show their age. However, they are quality clones and crosses and would be a great addition to any collection

Clone or Cross/Potsize/Price

Bothriochilus macrostachya 5” £20.00

Odontocidium Catanthe ‘Pumpkin Patch 7” £35.00

Promenaea xanthine 5” £15.00

Epidendrum Renee Marques x Potinara Free Spirit 4.5” £30.00

Epidendrum melinanthum 5.5” £40.00

Epidendrum elipticum 4” £30.00

Epidendrum ruizianum 3.5” £30.00

Epidendrum ciliare 3.5” £25.00

Encyclia prismatocarpa 3.5” £18.00

Sophrolaelia Orpetii Bella Vista 3” £15.00

Neobenthamia gracilis 3.5” £13.50

Bratonia Mary Hollingshead (Bratonia Cartagena x Miltonia candida) 4” £12.00

Bratonia Toscane 3” £8.00

Miltassia Shelob Tolkien 3.5” £10.00

Miltonia Goodale Moir ‘Sunshine’ 4” £15.00

Brassada Spiderman 4.5” £15.00

Eria javanica 6” net basket £25.00

Epidendrum xanthinum 4” £18.00

Phragmipedium Schroderae ‘Wyld Court’ 6” £45.00

Cymbidium Eastern Bunny ‘Tsuki No Hikari’ (goeringii x lovely bunny) 4” £25.00

Degamoara Winter Wonderland ‘White Fairy’ 3.5” £12.00

Coelogyne mooreana ‘Brockhurst’ 3.5” £12.00

Brassidium Shooting Star ‘Black Gold’ 3.5” £15.00

Epidendrum stamfordianum x barkeria lindleyana 3.5” £20.00

Epidendrum arachnoglossum 6” £30.00

Miltonidium Peter Komp 3” £10.00

Zygonia Adelaide Hills 3” £9.50

2021 Plant List

Some plants are limited in number so please call or email for information on current availability.

Scented Phalaenopsis – Easy to grow as house plants

Phal Germaine x Exotic Eagle £30.00

Phal violacea Malaysia Pink x bellina coerulea £30.00

Phal bellina blue x violacea = samera £30.00

Phal amboinensis white form £30.00

Phal tetraspis ci x bellina KS £30.00

Phal violacea x violacea Indigo £30.00

Aerangis mystacidii on raft & on cork £25.00

Aerangis coriacea on raft £30.00

Aerangis mooreana on raft £30.00

Aerangis kotschyana on raft £25.00

Aerangis kotschyana on cork FS £20.00

Aerangis fastuosa on raft & on cork £25.00

Aerangis hyaloids on raft £25.00

Aerangis peyrottii on raft £25.00

Aerangis Pionier (mystacidii x kotschyana) on raft £30.00

Aerangis Mini Mara (biloba x luteo-alba) 2” pot £25.00

Aerangis somalensis on cork £20.00

Aerangis articulata NFS 3.5” £20.00

Ansellia Africana 4” £20.00

Eurangis Victoria Nile (Aerangis kotchyana x Erychone rothschildiana) FS 3.5” £30.00

Angraecum Crestwood (Sesquipedale x eburneum) FS 3.5” £30.00

Gastrochilus acutifolius small growing vandaeceous species 2.5” £30.00

Gastrophaius Humble Phantom £30.00

Coelogyne cristata classic cool growing species, nice plants in spike £25.0

Cycnodes ‘Jumbo Mickey’ £40.00

Odontoglossum cirrihosum £25.00

Oncidium Sharry Baby in bud/flower 4.5” £25.00


Rth. Shinfong White Charm good size scented white 4.5” £25.00

Rth. Shion Free nice yellow with red lip 4.5” £25.00

Rlc. Sunny Side Up beautiful clean yellow with red lip 4.5” pot £25.00

Rlc Qing Ming Beauty red flared clone scented 4.5” pot 25.00

Rlc Shinfong Pink scented lavender 4.5” pot £25.00

Cattleya Shinfong White Charm ‘White Rose’ £25.00

Cattleya Love Castle deep purple 4.5” pot £25.00

Rlc. Taiwan Morning Call yellow with red lip 4.5” pot £25.00

Cattleya warneri alba 3” 25.00

Potinara Hsinying Dream 4.5” pot £25.00

Cattleya Wufong Rose ‘Pinkie’ lovely pink, fragrant 4.5” pot £25.00

Cattleya Dolosa ‘Gorgeous’ (loddigesii alba x walkeriana alba) 4.5” pot £25.00

Cattleya Tzeng-Weng Free splash petal type4.5” pot £25.00

Cattleya Chialin Red Cat scented lavender 4.5” pot £25.00

Cattleya Chailin Red Cat ‘Magenta Doll’ £25.00

Cattleya Chialin Red Cat ‘Exotic Red’ £25.00

Cattleya Barefoot Mailman FS 4” £25.00

Cattleya Jins Fong Wish ‘Classical’ FS 4” £25.00

Cattleya Love Castle ‘Kurenai’ £25.00

Cattleya White Bridal ‘Snow White’ £25.00

Cattleya Village Chief North ‘Green Genius’ FS 3.5” £25.00

Blc Solar Flare FS 4” £25.00

Cattleya Wufong Rose ‘Sweet Perfume’ FS 3.5” £25.00

Cattleya Chantilly Lace FS 4” £25.00

Laeliocat Village Chief Parfum ‘Pink Edge’ smaller growing white with pink edge 3.5” £18.00

(Lcr. Village Chief Parfum x LC Aloha Case) ‘Orchis 3.5” £18.00

Laelia purpurata striata ‘Becker’ x purpurata flamea ‘Millionaire’ 5.5” £60.00

Laelia rubescens x Broughtonia negrilensis 4.5” £30.00



Paph esquerolei FS 3.5” £30.00; 4.5£ £35.00

Paph superbiens NFS 3.5” £25.00

Paph henryanum small growing species FS 3.5” £30.00

Paph wardii forma album 3.5” £ 30.00

Paph dayanum 3.5” £25.00

Paph philippinense var. alba green & white species 3.5” £40.00

Paph delenatii  2.5 “ £30.00; 3.5” £25.00

Paph fairrieanum x purpuratum 3.5” £25.00

Paph. venustum, very nice species, in bud 4” £25.00

Paph venustum forma album 3.5” £30.00

Paph urbanium in bud 4.5” £25.00

Paph tonsum in bud 3.5” £25.00

Paph potentatum FS 3.5” £25.00

Paph leucochilum FS 3.5” £30.00

Paph helenae FS 3.5” £25.00

Paph delenatii var. vinicolor dark form FS 3.5” £30.00

Paph concolor var. striatum FS 3.5” £30.00

Paph barbatum var. nigritum FS 3.5” £25.00

Multifloral types

Paph Ice Age fantastic white/green with speckles in flower 4.5”pot £40.00

Paph St Swithin, (rothschildianum x philippinense) lovely, multifloral type 4.5” £50.00

Paph St Swithin x gardeni 4.5” £50.00

Paph Dollgoldi (rothschildianum x armeniacum) 4.5” £50.00

Paph Hang x Fumi’s Delight 3/3.5” £30.00

Paph Wossner China Moon 3/3.5” £35.00

Paph Franz Glanz (armeniacum x emersonii) 4” £30.00

Paph Green Horizon (Makuli var album x philippinense var. aureum 3.5”/4” £50.00

Paph Hung Sheng cape (stonei x anitum) 4.5” £60.00

Paph Shin-Yi Spring (Taiwan x sanderianum) 4.5” £60.00

Paph Shin-Yi Pride (Michael Koopowitz x rothschildianum)4.5” £60.00

Paph Hung Shen Eagle (rothschildianum x gigantifolium) 4.5” £60.00

Paph Julius (rothschildianum x lowii) 4.5” £60.00

Paph Prince Edward of York (rothschildianum x sanderianum) 4.5” £60.00

Paph Shin-Yi Lady (Genevieve Booth x sanderianum) 4.5” £60.00

Paph In Charm Anita (Genevieve Booth x antium) 4.5” £60.00

Paph Yili Preel (Lady Rothschild x lowii) 4.5” £60.00

Paph Shi-Yi Formosa (Lady Isabel x gigantifolium) 4” £60.00

Paph Gigantifolium x antium £75.00

Paph sukhakulii forma album 3.5” £30.00

Paph fairrieanum forma album 3.5” £30.00


Paph Raging Ruby FS quality very dark vinicolors 4.5” £35.00

Paph Wood Wonder x Pulsar FS £25.00

Paph Classic Pino FS 4.5” £25.00

Paph Grand Sangiovese FS 4.5” £25.00

Paph Dolcetto Ruby FS 4.5” £25.00

Paph hybrids – please ask

Paphs (cont)

malipoense  ‘Jy Fire’ x malipoense ‘Green Apple’ lovely raspberry scented species  2.5” pot £35.00

charlesworthii species 2.5″ pot £35.00

wardii var alba ‘Hua Tan’ x wardii var alba ‘Showshaw’ BM/TOGA striking green/white 2.5″ pot £45.00

tranlienianum pretty miniature paph species 2.5″ pot £25.00

Maudiae in flower classic green paph easy to grow, lovely mottled foliage 3.5″ pot £18.00     

philippinense  var alba multifloral species green and white 3.5” £40.00       

rothschildianum x adductum  flowering size plant of this quality multifloral  4.5″ pot £150.00                        

Phrag longifolium species, green flowers in succession 4.5” £45.00

Phrag FritzSchomburg (Kovachii x besseae) 4.5” £45.00

Phrag humbodtii syn popowii £40.00

Phrag humboldtii species 4.5” £45.00

Phragmipedium caudatum ‘McBeans’ fantastic South American slipper orchid 5.5″ £150.00   


Dend Unicum £30.00

Dend. Formosanum FS 3.5” £25.00

Dend. Wattii FS on raft £25.00

Dend. Sanderae var.Luzonica FS 3.5” £25.00

Dend. Uniflorum FS 3.5” £25.00

Dend. Convolutum FS 3.5” £25.00

Dend. Cuthbertsonii x sulawesiense FS 2” £20.00

Dend. chrysotoxum lovely deep yellow species 3.5” £30.00

Dend. capituflorum  species 3.5” £30.00

Dend. finisterrae 3.5” £25.00

Dend.farmeri species 3.5” £25.00

Dend. farmeri ‘Pink’ species  FS 3.5” £25.00

Dend oligophylum pretty white scented species 3” £25.00Dend plosema species 3.5” £25.00

Dend. griffithianum species 3.5” £25.00

Dend. Smilliae var. alba species 3.5” £25.00

Dend Irene’s Smile nobile type 3” £9.50; 5” £12.00

Dend Northmead x Riverdene greeny/yellow fragrant 3.5” £15.00; 4” £20.00

Dend nobile ‘Heather’s’ classic cool growing species 2.5” £9.50

Dend nobile var cooksonii, peloric form 3.5” £15.00

Dend Lai`s Red King (c) nobile type  3.5″ pot  £7.50  4.5″ pot  £18.00

Dend To My Kids (c) nobile type 2.5″ pot £7.50  3.5″ pot X

Dend Green Wood (c) nobile type 3″ pot £9.50

Dend Red Emperor (c) dark purple nobile type 3.5″ pot £9.50

Dend Stardust ‘Chyomi’ (c) yellow nobile type 2″pot £7.50

4.5″ pot £18.00

Dend Spring Dream (c) white nobile hybrid 2″ pot £7.50 4.5″ pot £18.00

Dend Comet King ‘Atkatsuki’ (c) purple with yellow disc on lip  4.5″ pot £18.00        

Dend Lucky (c) nobile hybrid 4.5″ pot £18.00            

Dend Momoko (c) pale pink with yellow disc 2.5″pot £7.50                                         

Dend Mystic Purple (c) purple nobile with cream disc on lip 4.5″pot £18.00  

Dend kingianum (c) small pink very fragrant flowers 2″ pot £7.00  x

Dend kingianum var.alba  (c) small white highly scented 2” pot £7.50, 3.5” pot £9.50, 4.5” pot £15.00  

Dend kingianum ‘Best’ x ‘Sara’ (c) division of our own cross 2″ pot £7.50               

Dend Ella K. Leaney  (c) scented kingianum type hybrid  2” pot £8.00  3” pot £10.00        

Dend Sea Mary (c) lovely pale pink nobile hybrid 4.5″ pot £18.00                                 

Dend Songbird (c) yellow with magenta disc on lip 4.5″pot £18.00                               

Dend Mousmee (thyrsiflorum x amabile very rare old primary hybrid 5″ pot £60.00   

Dend Cassiope  (c) 2″pot £7.50                                                                                    

Dend Gillian Leaney ‘Alba’ (c) Kingianum hybrid 3.5″pot £18.00                                

Dendrochilum abbreviatum 3.5” pot £25.00

Dendrochilum cobbianum 3.5” pot £25.00

Doritis pulcherirama alba £25.00

Lycaste hybrids, white and pink, 4.5” £30.00

Lycaste skinneri alba 4.5” pot £25.00

Stanhopea wardii 5” £35.00

Pescatoria dayana x wallisii £30.00

Bulbophylum lobii 3.5” £20.00

Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Ann ‘Bucklebury’ £20.00

Colmanara Catananthe easy to grow orange oncidium type 4.5” £18.00

Gongora galeata  pendulous species, spicey scent 7” £60.00;  smaller division £15.00

Maxillaria picta very fragrant species, yellow and red/brown flowers 4.5” pot £25.00

Maxillaria variabilis ‘yellow’ small yellow flowers 3.5” pot £20.00

Maxillaria shunkeana blackcurrent almost black flowers 3.5” pot £25.00

Maxillaria Goldeburg yellow and bronze varieties, scented 4.5” £25.00

Pomatocalpa angustifolium on raft £30.00

Laelia anceps alba £25.00

Laelia anceps alba peloric £25.00

Brassia Verona pretty, delicate spider orchid hybrid 4.5” £18.00

Coelgyne Intermedia species 2.5 £7.50; 3” £10.00

Coelygyne fimbriata species 2”-2.5” £8.00

Masedevallias – please enquire

LHO Stock lists: Some of the items below may no longer be available – please ask

Phal ‘Exotic Eagle’ £30.00

Unusual Phalaenopsis (w)

Phal Marmalade apricot  4.5″ pot £20.00                                                                  

Phal Picasso cream with large chocolate blotches 4.5″ pot £20.00                            

Phal Liodoro violacea hybrid, lovely fragrance 4.5″ pot £20.00                                 

Phal Goldion gold with red lip 4.5″ pot £20.00                                                         

Phal Magic Art cream and pink with deep pink brush stroke markings   4.5” pot £18.00

Phal. Emylia pink and white with purple peloric markings 4.5″ pot £20.00               

Phal. Artic Pearl white with chocolate blotches 4.5£ pot £18.00                          

Phal. Lime Light beautiful yellow with red lip 4.5″ pot £18.00                                         

Phal. Sacrifice ‘painted’ pink markings on white background 4.5″ pot  £20.00

Phal Reyoung Prince white with flat, blackcurrent lip unusual white markings 4.5” pot £25.00

Phal Atlantic Pearl white with markings 4.5″ pot £18.00                                                    

Dtps Lianher Coral small white flowers with unusual blackcurrant markings 3.5″ pot £15.00

Phal Sanoma Spots attractive pink spots on white background 4.5″ pot £18.00

Phal Narbonne cerise coloured flowers 4.5″ pot £18.00

Phals in bud/flower, various colours, please ask

Doritis pulcherirama alba £25

Dendrochilum abbreviatum £28

Coelygne Intermedia   species 2.5” £7.50   3” £10.00

Coelogyne fimbriata (c) species 2″/2.5″ pot £8.00

Coelogyne Unchained Melody (cristata x flaccida) (c) .5″ pot £12.00 4.5″ pot £20.00

Odontoglossum Chayenne (c) bright red odont 4.5″ pot £18.00                                                 

Odontoglossum Tiger Tail (c) yellow with orange brown marking 4.5″ pot £18.00                             

Banfieldara Gilded Tower (c) ‘Mystic Maze’ brassia hybrid, easy to grow 4.5″ pot £18.00        

Oncidium globuliferum (I) species 2.5″ pot £9.00  

Oncidium Barroco Red (I) small growing scented red oncidium 3.5″ pot

Miltonia spectabilis (I) pink species 3″ pot £9.50 3.5″ pot £12.00 4″ pot £18.00          

Miltassia Shelob Tolkien (I) pink spider orchid hybrid 4.5″ pot £20.00                                        

Maxillaria meleagris (I) species 3″ pot £9.50                                                                              

Maxillaria porphyrostele (c) yellow with brown markings, scented species 2.5″ pot £10.00          

Maxillaria praestans (c) yellow with brown markings, scented species 4.5″ pot £20.00                 

Encyclia Octopussy (I) green tentacles with maroon lip 4.5″ pot


Encyclia Calamaria ‘Betsy’ beautiful miniature fragrant species 2” £9.50                                  

Eulophia guineenensis (I) species 3.5″ pot £10.00 4.5″ pot £15.00                                         

Restrepia brachypus (c) pretty miniature species 2″pot £8.50: 3.5” £12.00

Restrepia falkenbergii (c) miniature species 2″ pot £8.50                                                      

 Coelgyne triplicatula 3.5″ pot £15.00                                                                                               

Pleurothallus palliolata 2” £8.50                                                                                                                                       

Why not start growing orchids with us?

Great advice, customer service and with over 40 years of experience of orchids, Laurence is always willing to offer help with cultural questions and problems. Pick up the phone for a chat contact us through our website page, or email with a telephone contact number and he will get back to you. We have starter collections of flowering size or younger plants or various mixtures of both . Photos of plants we have in stock can be sent via WhatsApp and all plants sent by post are expertly wrapped.

Happy growing!

Starter Packs

Small plants to grow on to enhance your hobby and complement your phaleonopsis collection

5X Seedling orchid collections in 2” / 2.5” pots, postage included £40.00                                    

Beginners Orchid Collections

The collections represent a savings of at least £20 so are a good value way of adding to your own display and variety. All plants are my choice and I will endeavour to choose one or two with flower spikes if possible. All prices include postage and packing.

5 x Flowering Size plants suitable for beginners £70.00

5 x flowering size Phalaenopsis mixed colours £70.00

5 x flowering size Odontoglossum types mixed colours £70.00

5 x flowering size Nobile Dendrobius mixed colours £70.00

Orchid Sundries

Clear pots

9cm 30p each

12cm 50p each

15cm £1.00 each

18cm £2.00 each

Orchid Compost

2 litres £2.50

4 litres £5.00

Please enquire for bulk amounts

Orchid Feed

100ml grow £3.00

100ml bloom £3.00

300 ml grow £6.00

300ml bloom £6.00  currently out of stock

1 litre grow £12.00

1 litre bloom £12.00

Orchid clips

10 x plain clips @ £1.50 per pack

4 x dragon fly clips @ £1.50 per pack


Looking for other plants? Nurseries we recommend : for carnivorous plants Pete & Helleentje. 07530 176624 for garden plants tools and accessories- 01903 242003 for cacti & succulants – Stan & Vicki 07788 753215


Leasingham Show update:

Show Efforts see more than £700 Donated to Local Good Cause

A huge thank you to our enthusiastic friends and colleagues along with the all the show visitors who made our 2nd Lincoln Orchid enthusiasts a fantastic event raising £739.50, for the Lincs/Notts Air Ambulance service.

The 2nd Lincolnshire Orchid Show, held at Leasingham Village Hall on Saturday October 5 attracted 210 visitors who were treated to stunning flower displays, along with a magnificent selection of plants from multiple RHS Gold Medal Winners Craig House Cacti.

Not to forget the delicious homemade cakes, fine food fare and other treats which were also available to keep all the helpers and visitors sustained throughout the day!

East Midlands Orchid Society were awarded the Best Species and Best Hybrid in show with fabulous displays also from the Hinckley & District Orchid Society and the North East Orchid Society. The Lincs/Notts Air Ambulance were also represented.

“We couldn’t have run this show without the wonderful support from our friends and colleagues in the orchid and plant world and from the local community,” said Laurence Hobbs, who along with business partner Sandra Holland co-owns the Sussex-based orchid business.

“With so many to thank for their efforts, from manning the displays, the kitchen and doors, we would like to mention especially, Tony and Liz, Geoff, Margaret, Don and Mary, Keith and Yvonne for mustering all the hard-working volunteers as well as pitching in themselves. Also to Stan and Vicky from Craig House; Stuart and Fiona from the North East Society; and to Paul for his help with the hall and announcements. A wonderful day enjoyed by all.”

The Donation for the Air Ambulance Charity was raised through entrance tickets, tombola and from food and drinks. Along with the £448 raised at the inaugural event last year, donations to the charity so far have exceeded £1180.

The next show is scheduled for Saturday Oct 3rd 2020 at the Leasingham Village Hall, Chapel Lane, NG34  8LB. We will be looking forward to welcoming all this year at hopefully, a virus free time. Please keep checking back on our website in case of changes.

Want to participate? Got inspiring ideas for additional displays, table top-stalls, informative sessions? or for anyone wishing to join in, please contact Laurence direct on 07961 350053

For any further information contact Laurence on 07961 350053


Orchids  – make the perfect gifts !

Lots of colourful flowering plants available for sale both directly and via postal services. We also attend various shows and hold our own open days.

Currently these events are affected by Coronavirus restrictions but we will update this website as the situation changes. We are open to visitors (see restrictions above) and offer orchids by post.

Now celebrating over 30 years as a nursery, Laurence Hobbs Orchids Ltd has been established in Sussex since 1987.

We are near to Junction 10 (next turnoff past Gatwick) on M23 and head towards East Grinstead,  then Crawley Down – postcode RH10 4LN, Bailiffs Cottage Nursery.  Or call us for directions; 07961 350053

Please call/email direct for purchases and delivery arrangements. We accept most cards or cheques with payment by phone or post. Delivery arranged to suit you..

For further details on where we may be seen at various events in the UK see Shows page; For contact information on Orchid Society Groups in your area see Societies page